Friday, 28 August 2015

Simple Tools for Blogging Mountain Activities (I)

As you might have notice from my website, I am an eager mountaineer and I am publishing in parallel a mountain blog, I share as well most of my mountain activity on wikiloc website, where people publish their mountain activities so that others can use that information in order to plan for their next outdoor day out.

In order to spend the minimum time writing text and manipulating pictures, I wrote several scripts to speed up the editing process. In this initial post, the very first one, I will introduce one tool that might come in handy when publishing your mountain activity in both wikiloc or similar websites and your Blogger website.

The Python script will read a Blogger post from an URL and will extract only the text content of the blog entry. All images you might have inserted on the entry will be also reproduced on the text with the corresponding HTML img tag and the link to the pictures on the blog. Thanks to this Python script, once I write my blog post, I do not have to rewrite it and upload all pictures to wikiloc again. Instead, I will copy/paste the output of the script directly to the wikiloc site, saving up half an hour of editing text and pictures.

Another useful tool is a script to put a signature on all pictures I upload from my outdoor activities. There are some Image Editing software which have scripting capabilities and allow this to be done easily. I prefer use this simple Shell Script using the wellknown ImageMagick package for shell image processing. The script will be improved shortly so that we can specify the image signature on the command line as well as resize the signature according to the picture size. I will work on it later on.

You can checkout the code from my github repository if you found it useful.
# Clones the blogtools repository to your computer
$ git clone