The name of this blog comes from the German "Rot Punkt" or "red dot". Kurt Albert, a maths and physics teacher and a passionate climber, is considered one of the father of sport climbing. Kurt, natural from the Frankenjura region in Bavaria, Germany, used to paint a red point in the base of the climbing routes which were freed --climbed without help of the pitons or hooks attached to the rocks-- after several attempts, thus, marking the climbing route as a finished project.

In the same way, I see this blog as a way to mark as "mission accomplished", or paint a red dot on the ideas, thoughts, curiosities, little projects or thirst for knowledge in general which might come across my mind and which I try to solve using mainly programming, whether it be snippets of code or larger programs.

As I have been doing for a while with my other blog on mountaineering activities, Trip to Ithaka, I hope that at some time these ideas and lines of code are useful to someone else with the same inquisitiveness or tackling with similar problems. Hopefully, search engines will point to one of my blog posts when queried with a matter I worked on in the past.

Although I think that a blog is not the best format to show these ideas, especially because I will not post very often, it is probably the easiest and less time-consuming way, so, I will stick to it but do not expect frequent entries, coding takes its time, publishing ideas even more, and I am short of it.


I was born in Spain, and lived in France, the US, Brazil and UK. To me, these experiences abroad made the best of who I am. I got a Master Degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Universidad Politécnica in Madrid, Spain and Télécom ParisTech, in Paris, France. Then, I got a Master Degree in Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University, California, US. I started my professional career working in software development for Real Time Systems but then switched to Financial Markets, where I have been working and enjoying since 2007. Although since then my job has not been related to programming, I keep on working on it as a side interest on my spare time.

You can visit my website www.victormontielargaiz.net for further details.